Saturday, February 13, 2016

I want to start crafting again!

Hey everyone!

I just posted a You Tube video about my crafting hobby. If you don't know, the name of my blog PEARSON'S PRETTY PRODUCTS was once the name of my crafting business. I carried the name over to my blog because I think it fits with everything that I do.

I've been regularly doing You Tube videos for the last few months, and it got me thinking about getting back into my crafting too. I thought about incorporating some crafting tutorials and things like that into my You Tube channel.

I always wanted my channel to be more than beauty. I consider my channel more of a "lifestyle" channel, because I want to share my "life" with ya'll!

Check out the video below for more about what I'm wanting to do in the future!

Thank for following me everyone!


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