Sunday, May 22, 2016

School's Out!

Hey everyone!

        Here in Northeast Louisiana, school just let out for the summer. I know that seems early for some of ya'll, but we start school here in mid August, so we get out in May!

       With school being out, I now have 3 months of "freedom". I use that term loosely because I do have 3 children (twins who are 8 and a 7 year old). They do have out of state family visits set up, so they won't be cooped up here all summer long and neither will mommy!

       I'm not that perfect "fun activity mom" by any means. I do encourage they practice their reading, and  have drawing and art time. My husband is the outdoors parent. He is in charge of their outside playing when he is home from work. I do all my parenting inside.....for the most part.

       This summer I am signing up my girls for cheerleading. I will also be signing my son up for soccer. Like I said, I've never been that "fun" mom, so this cheer and soccer endeavor is going to be a hard transition for me. I joked around with my friend saying I never thought I would be a cheer or a soccer mom and here I am doing both now.

      I do suffer with social anxiety. It's not so severe that I can't do anything, but I have ALWAYS suffered with being around other people I don't know. I clam up and hide in my "shell". I'm hoping by doing these activities with my children will help me come out of my shell.

     It should be an interesting summer to say the least around here. I'll blog updates and let everyone know how it's all going.

     Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read these little blogs. I really do appreciate it!

Until next time.....


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