Monday, December 8, 2014

::REVIEW:: Exuviance Illumination Duo

I was chosen to test out skin care products by Exuviance.
I am always looking for that miracle product to help me with my dry skin. This product couldn't have been easier to use.
Step 1: Activator Pad
Step 2 Neutralizer Pad
Vitamin C Antiaging Booster
Evening Restorative Complex

The actual review products are the Vitamin C and Evening serums.
The pads included are to clean your face and prepare it for the serums.

I was only given a sample of the product so I wasn't able to use it very long but I did see a little change in my complexion.

If you go to the following website you can find out more about this Exuviance Illumination Duo.
You can also purchase if you are interested in trying it out.


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